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Draft Due: 28 June 2014
Other people can support you in achieving your goal and make the work more fun too.
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Note: History of Peeragogy  (for UP inclusion) - needs edit
We started very small in Autumn 2010.  Joe Corneli and Charlie Danoff agreed to sit in on one another's first facilitated courses at P2PU, and share
feedback.  Joe's course did not go very well, and Charlie's went well enough,
so we took the opportunity to discuss this in Charlie's course.  Joe came
up with the word "paragogy" to describe what he thought was missing.
Our papers on this topic are collected on http://paragogy.net and Joe
also wrote about this in his PhD thesis.  Later, Howard Rheingold got wind
of "paragogy" through Charlie, and decided it would work better as
"peeragogy".  Howard being who he is, he was able to bring in quite a
few interested people*
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  • 15 June 2014 -  Week 2 submission for inclusion in the June Uncertainty Principle issue
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An article for publication in Charles Danoff's 'zine, UP, June 2014
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Setting the initial challenge and building a framework for accountability among participants is an important starting point.

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