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Identify the chanllenge and 
We've  done a good job with outreach and planning for the individual projects  and as a result, UP, PeerPubU, and PlanetMath are all moving along.  But  the Peeragogy version is perhaps a bit unclear -- anyway, Charlotte Pierce suggested we should work on clarity of message.  The state-of-the-art is probably represented by our Peeragogy Manifesto: https://titanpad.com/peeragogymanifesto  -- maybe one thing we should do is revise that and circulate it more  widely (e.g. we could put it into the 'zine, but also we could send it  to some notable figures).  I've copied the text in below and am changing  the title to Peeragogy Letter.  Let's start thinking about who we can  send it to.
Activity   – Write an invitation to someone who can help as a co-facilitator on   your project. Clarify what you hope to learn from them and what your   project has to offer.  Helpful questions to consider as you think about   who to invite: What  resources are available or missing? What do you   already have that you can build on?  How will you find the necessary   resources? Who else is  interested in these kinds of challenges? Go   through the these questions  again when you have a small group, and  come  up with a list of more  people you’d like to invite or consult  with as  the project progresses.
Technology   – Identify tools  that could potentially be useful during the project,   even if it’s new to  you. Start learning how to use them. Connect with   people in other  locales who share similar interests or know the tools.
Suggested resources – The Peeragogy Handbook, parts V (‘Convening a Group’) and VI (‘Organizing a Learning Context’).
Recommended Reading   – Schmidt,  J. Philipp. (2009). Commons-Based Peer Production and   education. Free Culture Research Workshop Harvard University, 23  October  2009.
Observations from the Peeragogy project    – We used a strategy of “open enrollment.” New people were welcome to  join the project at any time. We also encouraged people to either stay    involved or withdraw; several times over the first year, we required    participants to explicitly reaffirm interest in order to stay   registered  in the forum and mailing list.

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